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Timeless elegance and restrained simplicity are the guiding principles of Aria Design modern work.


Aria Design has defined itself through a series of high profile residential and commercial projects along the Southern California coastline, documented in many publications at national and international level. 

The success of the practice has resulted from Arianna's consistent exposure to European design, often returning home to Italy to find inspiration for her work and to discover new products.

Our studio has evolved into a multi-cultural team able to take on any project from the initial concept to its ultimate completion. 


The firm teams up with prominent architects, builders, and landscape and lighting designers to produce designs of enduring quality and distinction.


As a result, Aria Design has established a long list of satisfied and repetitive clients, many of whom have referred the firm to others.



Born and raised in Italy in a close family of five, Arianna was nurtured by a loving mother and taught strong values by her father. Contrary to the Italian tradition of raising a girl in those days, her parents inspired her to travel and become independent at a young age.

In high school, she pursued classical studies (Italian Literature, Art, History, Philosophy, and Latin) and built a strong knowledge of Italian culture through the centuries. Arianna moved to Bologna to attend college and study law in 1980. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Law and Human Resources in 1987, but her real dream was to become an interior designer. Committed to following her heart and passion, she moved to Milan “Capital of Italian Design” and enrolled in the Interior Design program at Instituto Europeo di Design (IED).

After graduating in 1990, she traveled with her roommate to California to experience the progressive architecture and design of great architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Schindler and Neutra. She met Horst Noppenberger in Laguna Beach and after two years they got married.

Arianna worked at Horst Architects studio for seven years, slowly learning English, feet and inches. She was involved in every phase of the projects, spending time drawing in the office, visiting construction sites and with her law background, taking care of the business part, as well.

In 2002, Arianna founded Aria Design, inc. specializing in high-end residential design. The firm has defined itself through a series of high profile residential projects in Southern California.

Architect, education, interests, hobby.

Los Angeles, CA

Kendall Harris

Project Manager

Designer assistant

Architect, dance lover, skateboarder.

Born and raised in Mexico City.

Ana Raya

Designer Assistant

Architect, education, interests, hobby.

Los Angeles, CA

Alex Standby

Designer Assistant

Architect, education, interests, hobby.

Los Angeles, CA

Debbie Budiselich


Selected work







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247 Forest Ave. Suite C. Laguna Beach, CA 92651

P 949-376-5996  | F 949-376-6404  |

Arianna Noppenberger

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