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C. Hammond 2014

"After interviewing several interior designers, Arianna was the only designer who, we felt, had the unique ability to design a room with unconventional creativity in a current yet timeless and simplistic way. She was very involved in our project working closely with our architect and contractor from the ground up, producing detailed schedules and renderings of each room. Arianna definitely made our experience exciting and stress free, and we could not have survived this process without her!"

S. Wohlner 2010

"Working with Arianna was a dream come true. She was able to incorporate our tastes into a space that is well beyond our expectations – and on time! Arianna is patient, creative and enormously talented."

J. Beck 2008

"We engaged Aria Design to do the interior design for the complete reconstruction of a 1980s townhouse style condominium we purchased which has a spectacular view of Newport harbor and the Pacific Ocean. The resulting design created a warm, contemporary home that takes full advantage of the spectacular view and, at the same time, is such a work of art itself that it equals the beauty of the view! On top of that Aria Design couldn't have been more of a pleasure to work with."

M. Beck 2007

"We met Arianna the day we interviewed Horst Noppenberger to be our architect. Arianna was not part of the meeting but I kept watching her across the room working on fabric samples for one of her clients and I was so impressed with her choices. We begin to talk with her and realized that her philosophy about design perfectly matched ours. We hired her before we even saw any of her projects. Arianna has been the backbone of our project. She was the interior architect for our major re-construction project and she oversaw virtually every detail of the design and interior finishing. She was organized, punctual, structured in her approach; she had a grand vision and worked very hard to accomplish a beautiful finished product for us. We knew that she loved what she was doing in our home and that she truly cared about us as her clients. Our home is a reflection of her vision and dedication and we feel so blessed to have been able to work with her."

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